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Target Industries

Corinth and Alcorn County have the necessary infrastructure, proximity to suppliers, economic incentives, and other features that offer special advantages for certain industries.

Automobile Parts Producers

The announcement that Toyota will produce Corollas at the Wellspring Site in nearby Pontotoc, Lee, and Union counties provides exciting possibilities for growth of the automotive manufacturing industry in northeastern Mississippi.

With a number of existing firms specializing in fabricated metals and machinery manufacturing, Corinth and Alcorn County are positioned for growth in this sector.

Advantages for prospective industries include

  • a pool of highly trained employees with relevant skills
  • high-quality sites ranging from 5 to 380 acres
  • an excellent transportation network
  • ready access to all necessary utilities and communication services.

Plastic Manufacturers

Smaller communities like Corinth are excellent locations for plastics facilities because they are less dependent on regional linkages than other industries.

Corinth and Alcorn County offer

  • an abundance of suitable sites from 5 to 380 acres
  • local providers of utilities to meet manufacturer needs
  • workforce training through a plastics curriculum at the local vocational-technical center.

Wholesale Trade and Distribution Providers

Areas like Corinth and Alcorn have become highly attractive to businesses providing warehousing services, retail supply chain solutions, transportation of passengers and cargo, and related support activities.

Our area offers

  • access to 20 million people within 250 miles
  • state and local economic incentives
  • readily available sites
  • relatively low costs
  • access to major transportation routes.

Four-lane US Highways 45 and 72 provide convenient truck access on north-south and east-west routes. The routes of two major rail lines cross at Corinth, and the county airport provides a 6,500-foot runway with instrument landing capabilities.

Tourism Services

The recent opening of a multimedia Civil War Interpretive Center in Corinth by the National Park Service is the latest among the area’s attractions. Nearby Shiloh National Military Park and the recreational opportunities provided by Pickwick Lake bring many tourists to the area each year. Moving the upgraded Crossroads Museum into the newly renovated train depot in Corinth’s historic downtown area will further enhance the area’s appeal. Opportunities abound for entrepreneurs to meet tourists’ needs for lodging, food services, entertainment venues, and cultural and recreational facilities.

Health-care Providers

Serving Alcorn and five other counties in northeastern Mississippi and southwestern Tennessee, the Magnolia Regional Health Center is the hub of the area’s health care industry. With over 1,200 employees, in 2007 the Center was voted one of the best places to work in Mississippi. There are many opportunities for specialized health service providers and supporting businesses to locate in the Corinth community, enjoying the synergy that comes from proximity to a major health center and access to a large, highly skilled workforce.